About DIR Task Force

The Domain Name System Infrastructure Resilience (DIR) Task Force is a new (2008) community-based initiative designed to promote best practice in handling attacks on Internet Infrastructure and is part-funded by the European Commission, academic institutions and the private sector.

Our mission is to gather statistics and generate learned reports on European DNS activity, threats and operational issues.

The DIR task force is open to all TLD registry operators and also DNS specialists who are willing to contribute time, effort and information to enhance the security of the Internet.

DNSSEC - ROOT Zone Test Service to the Community from 1st January 2010
It is proposed that from May 2010 all of the 13 ROOT servers will be signed using DNSSEC - (NSEC).
It is likely the signing of the ROOT network will have impact to the way in which the Internet currently functions, if you would like to test your DNS infrastructure, you can use our copy of the Root Zone Data located at DURZ.DIR.org (Port 53) FREE!.(DU stands for Deliberately Unverifiable).

More Information on the DURZ and ROOT signing is located here.

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