DNS Attack & Vulnerability Analysis

Our first strategy is to develop and publish a detailed, written analysis of historical DDoS and other coordinated attacks against the DNS infrastructure of the Member states, as well as an analysis of vulnerabilities within the DNS infrastructure to aid in identifying, preventing and defending against future attacks.

Simply stated, the domain name system (DNS) is a coordinated, interoperable worldwide network and technical infrastructure that allows Internet navigation as it exists today. In its most simple form, the DNS is the postal system of the Internet, performing the important work of directing and delivering Internet traffic and queries to the proper destination. A disruption of the operations of the DNS results in a disruption in the operation of the internet; a breach in the security of the DNS and the name server system on which it depends is a direct and severe threat to the security of every Member State, their economies, their citizens, and their national interests.

The proposed analysis will benefit all Member States and will allow them to collectively or independently take educated measures to identify vulnerabilities in the DNS, to develop and implement proper public policies to address and defend against attacks, and to implement defenses to prevent or combat attacks in the future.

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